ATTENTION: For all sufferers of Angular Cheilitis, the answer to your prayers lies in this page. READ OB to find out how you can be cured once and for all!


All you will need to put this plan into action is a few simple ingredients that you can buy locally, most of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Then you need only follow my advice as laid out in the guide, and you can be on the road to a life free of Angular Cheilitis.

If you have any doubts that I can back up my promises, then just read about the experiences other sufferers have had before AND after my natural solution. Does any of the information below sound familiar to you?

If Any Of The Following Sounds Like It Is Disturbingly Familiar, Then You Will Benefit From My Guide … Just Like Countless Other Sufferers Already Have … I Can Cure You Permanently!

You see, I was a sufferer myself, for many years. I went to a lot of doctors and got very little joy. When I eventually managed to cure my condition, I thought it had the beginnings of a pretty good plan – so I consulted with literally hundreds of people. Sufferers, dermatologists and naturopaths among others. I looked for common complaints – ones I had made myself, ones I heard from sufferers, and ones that specialists told me about.

Thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people have the above problems and others thanks to Angular Cheilitis, or Stomatitis, or Cheilosis. Call it what you want, it is a problem that ruins lives – and the information I am about to give you will cure you of these problems, naturally, once and for all.




From The Desk Of Elena Baldwin

Dear Angular Cheilitis Sufferer,

My name is Elena Baldwin. It is my goal to help every Angular Cheilitis sufferer beat the condition once and for all. As a former sufferer myself, I have put years of research and the determination that you can only get from suffering into finding a natural solution for this miserable condition. I have already helped thousands of people cure their condition. Now, with the power of the Internet behind me, I intend to do the same for you and other sufferers.

There are plenty of “cures” prescribed by doctors which can minimise the appearance of the condition, and which can manage the pain somewhat, but they cannot actually cure it. There are so many creams recommended by dermatologists, and antibiotic treatments which only work partially and run down your immune system (making it easier for the condition to return). All in the name of helping, but who really gets helped?

I suffered from the condition for twelve long years, and believe me when I say it became personal by the end. I looked for help in so many corners and found very little that was useful. I went from doctor to dermatologist and lost more hours of sleep than I ever expect to get back. By the time I embarked upon this project, I was determined to eradicate this condition.

My husband and my daughter suffered almost as much as I did. Their fear over my condition, their worry over my moods (you'd better believe I got depressed, angry, resigned...). As I could see what it was doing to us all, I wanted all the more to beat the condition completely.

I must have tried every recommended cure, and a few that were suggested to me by others. Yes, I tried that method that uses dish soap, and it was just as useless as it sounds. I visited “specialist” after “specialist” and it did no good at all. I finally decided that because it is a natural condition, it must have a natural solution. I threw myself into researching why it happens and what works to limit it. And then I put my mind to finding a way to make that limitation a permanent cure.

The condition that threatened to ruin my life cannot be cured by creams. They might lessen the pain, and they may even improve the appearance to some extent. But the cure I finally arrived at works without any expensive treatments, consultations with dermatologists, antibiotics and – Thank God – without any side effects.

The solution works because it uses natural ingredients in a way which drives the condition back, and does not give it time to come back. I have set it down in writing in a way which makes it perfectly clear what you need to do to no longer suffer from this condition.

I think back now and remember how my various dermatologists kept on recommending new things every time the previous one did not work. No new information, no alternative look at the situation, just a recommendation of a new medication which did not work.

I think that was what caused me to finally decide that I wasn't going to take any more. Now I want to make people aware of my own Natural solution for Angular Cheilitis, a permanent cure for the many ills that it cases. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

I have made it available as a downloadable PDF guide (can be viewed on Mac and Windows both) so you can get it INSTANTLY and start reading – and be on the way to a life free from Angular Cheilitis.

It is packed with important detail that so many dermatologists and all the big pharmaceutical companies would rather not mention to you – so that you keep spending money on creams that never make a real difference.

The guide has more than sixty pages of hard information which give straight answers and instructions that will cure you of Angular Cheilitis and stop it from coming back. Once and for all.

These instructions are easy to follow and laid out in a step-by-step fashion. I give you my guarantee that you will see results within 48 hours, as long as you follow the guide as directed.

I have had email from people all over the world praising the guide and thanking me for curing the condition for them – from patients young and old, male and female. People who had, like me, tried everything else and seen the infection come back time and time again. People who had had negative reactions to medication and who even began to show allergic reactions to their treatments.


“When I was diagnosed with angular cheilitis I didn't know much about it, so I went online to read more. What I read shocked me, and I knew that I had to do something long-term to make sure I could get rid of it and never experience it again.

While I was researching I found a link to the Baldwin Cure, and I knew from reading the site that this was something that had come about from clear research and medical knowledge. I sent off for the guide and was impressed by its scope, and started putting it into practice. I'm so glad I did, it has worked like a charm!”

Linda Connors


“I don't know what part of angular cheilitis did me the most damage. The pain and cosmetic symptoms were pretty bad, but my mental condition was worse if anything, to the point where I spent a lot of days just sitting around the house not willing to go out and see anyone. I suppose I should be thankful that this meant I started spending time online, and looking for solutions for my problem. This was how I found Elena Baldwin's miraculous guide, which worked perfectly and fast to cure my problem. I can never thank her enough, but I must recommend you follow her advice!”

Miroslav Jahelka

Well, as I have mentioned, I've been there myself. This is an all-natural cure that has been tried and tested by myself and many other people who had been suffering from the condition for years and years – in some cases, over two decades!

Any doctor will tell you that a condition can only be truly cured and the symptoms banished when you deal with the cause of the condition. The Baldwin Cure is designed to work on the causes of Angular Cheilitis, providing fast, complete and permanent relief from the condition.

Say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars on consultations, lotions and potions – by following my simple instructions you can cure your condition at home. By taking just a few minutes out of your day you can experience real relief within just a couple of days.

You don't need to worry about side-effects, because the ingredients are all natural – no allergic reactions to chemicals, no digestion problems from antibiotics... it is totally safe.


“When angular cheilitis happened to me, I didn't want to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone, and I was so disgusted by how I looked that for weeks I didn't even brave a trip to see my doctor.

When I did and he told me about the problem, I was deeply concerned. How long would I look and feel like this? What he prescribed to me was beneficial, but the problem was persistent and I realised I could only medicate so much.

When I found out about the Baldwin Cure I felt like my prayers had been answered. And a few weeks later, the sores were gone and I knew I'd made the right choice.”

Natasha Anderson


“Angular cheilitis is a condition that seems to pass under the radar for a lot of people, even when they have been suffering from it for weeks or months. I know that it took me too long to go to a doctor, and when I did he prescribed an ointment which worked up to a point, but slowly. It wasn't good enough, so I looked online for a way to augment what I already had. Within a very short time I was reading about the Baldwin Cure, and I decided to try the guide to see if it had the answers.

Now I can say for sure that the one answer I needed, it had. My sores are gone and my skin is so much better!”

Clive Murphy


Have normal-looking lips with no cracks in the corners!


Kiss your loved ones without worrying that they will wince or pull away!


Put an end to the social embarrassment of chapped lips.


Smile, eat and talk without grimacing in pain.


Throw away the old neosporin ointments and antibiotic treatments.


Say goodbye to worrying when the temperature drops!


Laugh (painlessly) at the stupid remedies which pass for “revolutionary new treatments”. This cure is guaranteed 100% Dish Soap Free!!

I am so confident that this cure will work for you that I am throwing in a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If this plan does not work for you – for ANY reason – then you have sixty days to claim a full refund.

I am fully confident in offering this guarantee – No Questions Asked – because my cure has worked so perfectly for thousands of Angular Cheilitis sufferers in the past.

I promise you this – if the methods aren't for you, then I don't want to take your money. You are protected in full by this guarantee!


“I will freely admit that I let angular cheilitis become a problem for me rather than tackling it when it happened, and although the problem was painful and embarrassing I was at such a low ebb that I didn't have the will or the wisdom to prevent it getting worse. Then I was idly surfing the internet one day when I came across an article about the condition. I googled to find out a bit more and I ended up reading about the Baldwin Cure.

I decided it was time to do something and the page made many good points, so I bought the guide and followed the advice. I'm really glad I did.”

George Hughes


“There is really no place to hide when you have angular cheilitis. It is painful, unsightly and so hard to control, and it affected me so severely that I went to three different doctors looking for a cure. One even repeated the rumour I had read elsewhere that dish washing soap was the answer to my problems, but I had cause to doubt what he was telling me, so I did not try it. So I got online and decided to see if there was something I hadn't considered, and I found out about Elena Baldwin's solution to the condition.

Let's just say I am a convert to the Baldwin Cure!”

David Smith


“I grew to hate my angular cheilitis when it kept coming back despite everything I threw at it, no matter how much money I spent. For someone who loves make-up as much as I do, being told I could not use it came as a real blow to me, and all the more so when the sores still didn't go away. So when I read about the Baldwin cure I was intrigued. Was this what I had been looking for for all these years? I have to say that the results suggest that, because I haven't seen any problems in the past three months!”

Asha Patel

This Is The Only Cure You Will Ever Need


“Angular cheilitis was something I was ignorant of before it happened to me – and I dearly wich I could have remained in blissful ignorance because when it happened it happened badly. It hurt, it looked awful and it destroyed my self-confidence so I really didn't know what to do.

I got online and looked for a solution and saw a lot of ideas that all followed the same pattern, one I didn't want to follow. Then I saw the Baldwin cure and read the description of this new idea. It knocked spots of all the other ideas I had read, and knocked the sores off my face in short order.”

Chris Rogers


“I have had so many battles with my angular cheilitis that I have really put them all together into one long war – one which seemed to have taken more out of me than it did from my sores. I even – stupidly – tried to treat the problem using dish washing soap like some guides online told me! Big mistake – my face hurt even more and it dried out badly.

So I was cautious about the Baldwin cure – would it be a new name for an old and ineffective solution? The way my sores have cleared up says that no, it's a winner.”

Alice McCulloh

The Baldwin Cure is all you need to cure your Angular cheilitis completely and permanently. It has worked for thousands of sufferers in US, Australia, UK, Canada and South Africa, and also from other countries worldwide and I know it will work for you! Your angular cheilitis condition will stop once and for all. Get The Baldwin Cure Now

Don't take the words of your dermatologist as gospel – they have creams to sell. This cure attacks the cause of the condition and not the superficial symptoms – and once it has stopped the cause, the symptoms will be but a memory.

Blow away the root cause of Angular Cheilitis and say goodbye to the social humiliation that it causes. Click the “Order Now” button and take action now!

It worked for me, and for thousands of others, now give it the chance to work for you too.

This guide is provided in PDF format and will be sent to you instantly after you have purchased it, whatever the time of day – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and is ready to view on PC or Mac. We use Clickbank as our payment processors, as they are one of the most secure and popularly used for digital goods.

Any questions you have can be directed to me at


Elena Baldwin
Author of The Baldwin Cure.

P.S. This guide means the end for your Angular Cheilitis nightmare as it tackles the condition at its root.

P.P.S. You can start applying the methods straight away and be cured within 2 DAYS.

P.P.P.S. Don't delay! The 60 Day Guarantee means your money is safe! Get The Baldwin Cure Now!


“I didn't even know what angular cheilitis was until I developed sores at the corner of my lips, and after weeks of pain and unsightly markings I finally went to my doctor who prescribed me painkillers and an ointment to put on the sores. While the pain was reduced, I did feel like this problem was taking too long to solve, and I knew I couldn't up the pharmaceutical treatment. So I was really pleased to find this Baldwin cure online. It has worked – I'm all healed up and much quicker than my doctor told me it would be.”

Neil Thompson


"I have been suffering from chapped lips corners for many years now. It used to come and go. I tried a lot of doctor recommended treatments including neosporin and some nice smelling creams but nothing worked. I can't believe that your simple natural treatments in The Baldwin Cure book worked so well!

Thanks Elena, you are a savior :) I owe you a treat. Let me know if you come to Cape Town."

Mark Boucher,

Cape Town

Thousands of sufferers have used The Baldwin Cure. Click here to get it now!