The Baldwin Cure: Frequently Asked Questions


How Does The Treatment Work?

To make it as simple as possible, the Baldwin cure isolates the bacteria that cause Angular cheilitis and ensures that they cannot multiply. They cannot breed, they cannot live, and the only thing for them to do is die away. As a result you will see an immediate improvement in the condition of your lips. Literally within hours you will see how the ulceration, the redness and the rawness have reduced – and in no time at all, your condition is cured.

Will It Definitely Work For Me?

The sad truth is that nothing works for everyone – and I'm not about to give you a 100% assurance on something that is not 100% sure. If only that were possible! That said, if you are not entirely satisfied with the results you see from the Baldwin cure, we can guarantee you a 100% refund. The treatment does work, with no side effects. Even if you are one of the unfortunate few for whom it does not work perfectly, you will not suffer any more than you would without the treatment and you will qualify for a refund.

What If It Does Not Work For Me?

Although I am very confident in the promise that you will see results almost immediately, there are some cases in which it takes a little longer. Because it is a 100% natural treatment, you can keep doing it until you see results. It might take a few days. But what you will notice in that time is that the condition does not get any worse, and you will feel better for applying the treatment. Again, we are fully confident that your angular cheilitis will clear up almost immediately – but if it doesn't, keep treating it for a few days. Even before the sores have cleared up, you will see and feel some improvement.

Is This One Of Those Things Where I'm Going To Have To Buy More Stuff To Make It Work?

Being honest, there are some things you will need, but the likelihood is that you already have them in your house, in the kitchen or bathroom. If you don't, you will be able to buy them for next to nothing in a local store. You won't have to buy any specialized equipment, or any “miracle” ingredient that costs an arm and a leg. That, I can guarantee.

How Long Will It Take To Work?

As mentioned, you should be seeing some results almost immediately, and the sores should be gone within days (never to return!). It starts working immediately, and the treatment process itself is soothing to the skin, so you should feel some relief right away.

What Am I Going To Receive? Will I Have To Wait For A Delivery?

There is no waiting by the mailbox involved, this is a 52-page ebook in PDF form that will be delivered electronically. You can download the ebook immediately from the “Download Now” link and it is readable on all computers, no matter what make or model.

I Don't Live In The USA. Is This Guide Relevant To Me?

Yes – wherever you live in the world, it can work for you. I have had emails from delighted customers from all over the world. Mostly, my customers come from English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa among others. But as long as you can read the ebook, the cure is relevant to you and will work for you. As well as the above countries I have had email from China, Belgium and Argentina among other places – so there's no need to worry that it's not for you!

Why Should I Trust This Guide?

Because it is written by someone who has been where you are right now. Someone who can relate to what you are feeling and who spent more money than was reasonable trying to fix it. Someone, in short, who does not want you to have to go through the long, painful and fruitless search that took up so much of her time and money. That's why the cure itself is practically cost-free.

I'm Worried About Potential Side-Effects; What Should I Look Out For?

The cure is entirely natural and you will not experience any side-effects. A lot of pharmaceutical cures can have unsightly side-effects or lower your tolerance for certain bacteria. With the Baldwin cure, this is not an issue.

I Am A 33-Year-Old Man; Will It Work For Me?

Whatever age you are, whatever your gender, this is a cure that works just the same for everybody (within reason). You can be 3 years old, 33 or 93 and it still works on the same principle with zero side effects.

If You Want Sufferers To Experience This Cure, Why Not Give It Away For Free?

Please believe this: I would love to be able to give the information away for free, but in order to get this set up it has cost a lot of money. From researching new information, providing first-class customer service, upgrading the websites and maintaining them, not to mention advertising, the costs add up.

What I can say is that the cost of this guide is lower than you will find anywhere else – and when you compare the results with those from other treatments, you will see just what a bargain you are getting.

If This Is Such A Miracle Guide, Then Why Don't Doctors Know All About It?

This guide outlines a set of methods that are no secret to doctors. However, there is a tendency within the medical industry to over-prescribe “miracle” drugs, because most of the research which allows them to do what they do (very well, incidentally) is financed by drug companies.

In short, it's all about money. Big pharmaceutical companies can pay top dollar. They can whisk doctors away on weekend-long conferences in stunning resorts. They can finance new surgeries and keep a hospital ticking over financially. Crucially, they can afford to really push their product. In comparison, natural remedies are not backed by any real funding, so are at the back of the queue when it comes to getting a big push.

With that said, much of the research involved in putting together this cure would not have been possible without the help of some very good doctors. It's not that your doctor is lying to you, holding anything back or being deceitful. Indeed, they may well tell you of a few tips you'll find in this book, in passing.

Is It Safe To Purchase This Guide Online?

Yes, without a doubt. All payments are processed by Clickbank, a merchant processor with a record of efficiency and security that is second to none. Your payment details are protected from start to finish, and the transaction is borderline immediate, which is why they are increasingly popular with the online community both for selling and for buying.

If This Doesn't Work, Can I Get A Refund?

Yes. I am prepared to stand in front of anyone in this world and say I believe in my methods, and to show them the big files of emails I have had from satisfied customers who have had the same success I had. That said, my faith in these methods would be worthless if I were to deny a guaranteed 100% refund to anyone who was unhappy with the results they got from those same methods.

I can guarantee you that if, for any reason, you are not happy with the results you get from the Baldwin cure, you can have a full refund immediately without any questions asked, with no prejudice. That's how confident I am in my methods!

Have additional questions? Feel free to contact me and ask.

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